I really thought long and hard about how I’d like to introduce myself. I thought the best idea is being completely honest with hopes that any one of you may relate. I’ve learned day by day that there are so many of us out there looking to connect with the world, find our place, explore our passions, and be part of a community. I hope that this space is that for you.

I’m Caroline and welcome to Girl Meets Plantz, a place that started off as a way to document my plant based vegan eating journey. Unlike many, I made the decision to follow this path overnight and by the next morning I had cleared out my fridge of pretty much everything that I would no longer be eating. Not everyone could do cold turkey, and thats okay, but I am very stubborn and take an all or nothing approach to a lot of things in life. That’s just the way I flow. And I was very aware that if I kept those products in my presence I would totally dive in (especially with eggs) and ruin it right from the get go. That night I stressed about what I would eat the next day, as I would have never thought in a million years that I’d give up staples that I enjoyed in my childhood diet consisting of eggs, dairy and meat products. But I did and I believe that you can too.

There are A LOT of reasons why I made the change, but I’d have to say that health was my biggest driving factor. The fear of getting worse was enough to switch me over into this lifestyle. I was COMPLETELY unaware that my conventional diet was handing me one way trip to sickness and the research was there to support it. The night I decided to go vegan I was shook to my core after watching a documentary called GAME CHANGERS. Many of the illnesses I was afraid of were supposedly completely avoidable when switching to a plant based diet. I was immediately sold and had to make the change. Since then, I have heard so many stories of people who have watched the same documentary and had the same reaction as I did. I followed up with my own research just to make sure, and found the claims to be true. No one ever died from eating too much broccoli.

In my initial stages of going vegan I indulged in your typical “vegan but defeats the purpose” type of foods. You know, like oreos? Yeah technically vegan but its not exactly what you would call healthy. To be fair to past Caroline, going vegan was a challenge and I was still learning recipes and how to navigate that space. So I gave myself some slack. That was until I had a moment one day while cooking a beyond meat burger and saw the red dye leak out of the patty and turn my bread pink. I was completely repulsed. Wherever this pink dye came from I wanted nothing to do with it, and thought to myself enough is enough. From that point I made a conscious effort to consume truly whole food plant based foods and stay away from the processed junk. “Plant based” processed burgers were replaced with bean burgers, frozen pizzas were replaced with homemade pizzas, and cheese alternatives were replaced with nuts like cashews and almonds. You get the gist of it. Anything I could make at home I did, even though sometimes I didn’t want to.

I was the only person I knew that was vegan. My family and friends looked at me funny when I made the change. They still do. Nonetheless, I kept on going and decided to document my journey. That is where Girl Meets Plantz came to be, and where you are now. As an attempt to show myself and those around me how easy it was to make healthier choices and eat more plants, I became intertwined with the food blogger and food photographer space. I continue to share my recipes because I love showing people that eating plant based or vegan can be easy and enjoyable while also helping you reach your health goals.

Since then, I’ve learned and continue to learn more about health and wellness than I have ever known before. I often say that I consider eating plant based an act of self-love. Choosing to nourish and fuel my body with things that come from mother nature herself has had profound impact on my own health and outlook on life. I can proudly say that on a regular basis I have over 50 different foods and enjoy every single one of them. I have come to appreciate nature for what it is an all of its beauty (and tasty treats), and am working towards ways to influence and shape my community with these values. But I digress, that is a topic for another day.

If you made it this far along I’d like to say a big thank you for reading about my journey and hopefully you find inspiration for your own. I hope you enjoy the many delicious things I post on my blog, and yes I do include “vegan but defeats the purpose” types of foods (especially desserts) because I think it’s important to meet people where they are at. And if you enjoy those types of foods, all the power to you. I’d love to connect with you virtually or maybe someday in person so we can inspire each other in this journey we call life. xx


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